not sure what happened, but it works now

rabbit making its own way

I realized that my host provider's copy of Linux didn't have basic commands like sudo or man (declare -p and help finally told me I was running some kind of zombie copy of Red Hat Linux), so I got around the entire vi fiasco by setting up the bl subdomain through my hosting provider's Plesk console and then adding a .htaccess file there. I think one of the features I enabled while creating the subdomain allowed me to add the .htaccess file, but maybe I'll never know for sure, and I'm cool with that.

After successfully doing a silent redirect from to my EC2 instance, I tried to change the favicon as well, but I'm not really sure if it's broken or if the changes haven't propagated yet. Either way, idgaf. Welcome to the blog.

ssh into the unknown

I'm trying to properly forward to this Amazon EC2 instance URL, and my hosting provider has been giving me a lot of grief over modifying my .htaccess file. So I've SSHed into and created .htaccess by force, but guess what? The only text editor available on this machine is vi. Not even pico or Vim, vi.

muppet screaming

Lemme get back to y'all when I figure out what OS this godforsaken machine is running on.