time flies

Hi, my job has (surprise!) swallowed up most of the last few months. But now that the most intense part of this development sprint is over for me, I need to take stock of the things I'd been working on before I stopped having a life.

dev projects

  • bang bot - Twitter bot that tweets whenever someone is killed by a gun. I only barely got this Node app started over the summer.
  • sfpd and property assessment map - One of many projects for the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. It's been in and out of development hell since the summer.
  • bunny - I wrote this absurdist text adventure while learning about Python last year. I've been meaning to finish it and turn it into a tiny but full-fledged Node+jQuery web app so people can play it outside of the command line.
  • [catmap - Essentially abandoned after I found out that someone took this basic idea and made something better, maybe even creepier.]

art projects

  • electronic music - After the past couple of years, I am finally comfortable assembling minimal stuff in Ableton Live. But the whole point was to make the music I hear in my head, and I can't do that yet, so I have to keep going.
  • novel - This is a long-running inside joke that I'd almost gotten done in a blast a few years ago. Never managed to write the last five or so chapters, and might as well. I have a surprising number of friends who want to see it published (at least as an e-book), but the manuscript is typewritten, so they'll have to OCR it first.
  • another collaboration with joel - When we first started dating, we made a gif site together. We've been meaning to do more of that, especially now that we both know more about computers and now that he's finally ventured into the SF/Oakland art scene. We're currently busy enough trying to get hitched, though.

A lot of traveling and personal events are happening over the next year, so I hope I manage to finish at least some of the things on this list.