armies of robots of lines of code

Lately I've been building a bot that tweets whenever a goal is scored in the World Cup. I've always wanted to make a twitter bot, and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.

The twit library for Node.js got me tweeting within minutes. I hooked it up to this super useful World Cup JSON API, wrote a hilariously complicated function to determine how many Os to tweet in the word "GOL" for each team, pushed it up to a tiny Heroku worker, and BAM! Now a silly idea I tweeted last month has become reality, and I learned a few things out of it.

Working on the gol bot has been fun, but as someone who tries to use technology to do good, I'd like to tackle more useful and thought-provoking work with this newfound knowledge. For example, I was thinking of making a bot that tweets the word "Bang" as often as someone in the United States is killed by a gun, which is more than once an hour. I could also make bots that do the same for other countries and have a site that live-updates all of them side-by-side. Other ideas are welcome.