21st century innocence

Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy

Most people to whom I show the above video think it is ridiculous. Of course it's ridiculous. It's some weirdly Americanized kawaii iOS 7 vision of the 90s as reimagined by someone who grew up in the 90s but is now technically an adult. It's cheesy and dumb, like drunk hipsters who jump in front of an exploding firework just to take a badly-focused Instagram photo that will get them 50 likes. And what the hell kind of entitled jerks spent a bunch of money to send a piece of pizza to space?

In spite of myself, I dig this song. As for the video, I obviously don't think anyone should make that their life all the time. But it reminds me of the one kind of fun I can no longer have: the carefree joy I felt when I still believed I could do anything, when I was still blissfully ignorant of how the world worked.

I'm glad I know better now. But sometimes, on the days so tiring that I need to use my last shred of faith in humanity just to go outside, I'd give anything to get that innocence back.