ember from the outside in

It's not very effective...

I've been working with Ember.js since last year, and I've had a positive experience overall. It's a great front-end framework that does a lot of heavy lifting for you. Once you learn to visualize how your Handlebars templates are rendered within each other, you can work on their corresponding views and controllers with ease. Tedious front-end tasks, like binding, are a snap with Ember-- it keeps page elements organized and deals with a lot of annoying JavaScript/jQuery necessities behind the scenes.

However, I've only dealt with the fun stuff. I am now in the process of setting up an Ember project from scratch, and I can see why our lead dev was so frustrated with it. If you're setting up a database structure that's more complicated than a blog, there's going to be some hair-pulling involved. Also, Ember Data has come a long way since last summer, but it's still a little idiosyncratic-- just enough to make you want to throw your laptop against the wall and drink heavily.

I wish there were a pre-fabricated full-stack Ember setup available, like the MEAN stack for Angular, but making my own is forcing me to learn more about end-to-end development, so there's that. I'm setting my project up with Postgres+Express+Ember+Node and might eventually open source a generalized version of my setup, but I'm not about to make the PEEN stack a thing.